Wednesday, December 9, 2009

July 30, 2010

Braxton and I started our family on March 18, 2006.
We had our son on March 16, 2008.
Our new bundle of joy is due July 30, 2010!
Yes, we are expecting child number 2! We are thrilled. A little on the nervous side but happy to know we will become parents for the second time. The news was a little unexpected, but when you are not preventing it, then it should not be unexpected!
How did we find out? The day before Thanksgiving I went to the ER because I was having severe lower abdominal pain. When it started hurting on the right side, I thought it was an appendicitis. They asked if I was pregnant and I told them "NO". (I had taken a pregnancy test just 2 weeks before and it was negative!) They did a CT scan and discovered I had an enlarged ovary. AND after the blood test and urine test, discovered I was PREGNANT!
I called and scheduled my appointment with my OB and took an at home pregnancy test the next week. And today I began my monthly OB visits. They will perform an ultrasound next Monday just to be sure everything is okay with the ovary.
Braxton, Parker and I so thankful that God has blessed our family with our new miracle!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Fall is here and it is lovely. Well, some of the days have been lovely. It would be nice if the rain would hold off a bit so we can at least enjoy the fall weather. We did find a break in the clouds and took Parker for the first time to the Great Pumpkin Patch in Hayden, Alabama. This particular pumpkin patch is located close to where we live.

I have to be honest and say that I did not grow up visiting the pumpkin patch as a child. To my knowledge I never visited a pumpkin patch with my family or with my school. And no, I don't hold a grudge because I can list numerous items that other people never had the opportunity to do, but I did! But as a first time mom, I wanted to be sure that my son got to experience the pumpkin patch.

Sunday, we made our plans. Parker fell asleep in the truck on the way home from church, so we let him sleep while Braxton and I went by the house to change clothes. We grabbed a quick bite to eat at the local mexican restaurant, then headed to the patch. Just as we arrived, the sun came out! Yippee!!! The first thing that caught Parker's eye was the big green and yellow tractor. See, Parker loves Braxton's lawnmower, but more than that Parker loves his Papa's lawnmower. Every afternoon when I get Parker out of his carseat, he immediately runs to Braxton's riding lawnmower and climbs up. He thinks he is such a big boy sitting up there acting as if he was driving. So when he saw big JOHN DEERE TRACTOR, wow was he impressed!
After we convinced him to get off the tractor, we visited some of the decorations for a couple of photo ops. As any 18 month, almost 19month old would...he wouldn't look at the camera. OH WELL! Those are the memories we have!

Parker as the Pumpkin Sheriff! He loved smiling for this picture!

Wondering why he was holding this thing!

Still not real sure about the pumpkins! They looked like balls, but they were not as light!

Next on to the wagon ride and to pick out our pumpkin! I was excited about the wagon ride. Parker of course could not take his eyes off of the tractor that was going to be pulling our wagon. His eyes were glued. The ride didn't bother him and we know he is not allergic to hay! We found two great pumpkins to decorate our porch. No carving this year....maybe we will try it when he is 2 and 1/2!

Waiting for the Wagon to arrive

He was not about to take his eyes off that tractor!

Enjoying the ride!

Not real sure about all the pumpkins. He mainly liked the ones that were rotting!
Although there was so much more to do besides just getting a pumpkin, we decided that we would add something new each year. Probably the Pony Rides and the Petting Zoo next year. Then when he is a little older (and it is worth the money), he can enjoy the inflatables. Of course we did let him go by the tractor one more time! Here he is with his Mommy. And yes he refused to look at the camera again.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fall Has Come! Or at least FOOTBALL SEASON!

Yes, the Reno family still exists! Wow and have we been busy. It is hard to believe I haven't posted in almost 2 months. Sorry followers!!! So here is a little update!


July was a great month for us. We went on our annual beach trip with the Reno family. This was the first time I have ever stayed at the beach for a whole 7 days! It was great. We had great weather and Parker LOVED the beach - including the sand and the ocean. Not that I am trying to rush through the next year, but I know he will have even more fun in 2010 at the beach! The rest of July was the same old thing. Work, church, family time and just enjoying the summer and beautiful weather.

August was a busy month for the Reno family. Every weekend was booked with family time and home improvement projects. During the month we actually laid SOD in our front yard and on the sides. It was alot of hard work for the guys who helped out and it looks great. Braxton likes it because he hasn't had to cut the front yard in over a month! HA! Parker also got tubes put in his ears at the end of the month. He had 9 ear infections in the last 12 months. It was time and I can already tell a difference! Once again we spent the month enjoying the weather and staying busy with work, church, family and friends!

NOW....can you believe it is already September? CRAZY! And best of all.....FOOTBALL SEASON is here!! So this is the first weekend of college football and Braxton made it known on the fridge calendar "No work! Only football" for Saturday, September 5th! And that has been pretty much it for him! And I am glad he has gotten to enjoy it. I on the other hand get a little bit of cleaning down to the house.

Last night I had the opportunity to attend my first Kelly's Kids clothing party. It was so tough to decide what to buy. We have been VERY blessed by my sister who has passed down all of my nephew's (Gavin) clothing to us for Parker. Not only is she what I would call a shopaholic for her children, but she kept the clothes in great shape! So we have been fortunate to not have to spend alot of money on clothing for Parker - just a few things here and there because of Gavin being born in November and Parker being born in March. So....I splurged a little!
A MUST have for this football family! I didn't get it monogrammed because I want to be able to use it for another boy (if we have another boy)!I did get this shirt monogrammed with Parker. Aren't the pants adorable?!!?!?! This outfit will probably be used for his 2 year pictures! So it was worth least that is what I keep telling myself.
So we have had a great weekend so far and looking forward to the rest of the weekend with the Duckworth family at Lake Guntersville. Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Huntsville Weekend

I had a successful first week on my new job. I loved it! The atmosphere was great. I got so much done, and some of my tasks are already being put into action! So after a great work week, we were excited to spend some time with my family in Huntsville.

Friday night we hung around my parents' house. We were outside playing and heard the ice cream truck. Parker got to purchase and eat his first Popsicle! Let me just say that prices have gone WAY UP! We paid $2 for a rocket popsicle! CRAZY!!! I remember when I could buy a rocket popsicle for under a $1. Oh well, he had a great time eating it and got it everywhere. We tried to get him to play in the sprinkler when he was finished, but he wasn't game for that!

Saturday morning we spent time around the house.
Then we met for my dad's birthday celebration lunch at Red Robin which is located at Bridge Street. We had a great lunch with the entire family (minus Brant because he had to work at the fire station). Lunch was yummy and my dad had the opportunity to turn red as they sang happy birthday to him. I must say I love their food and the entire atmosphere. Plus if you have kids, they can be as loud as the like! Me, my mom and my sister pitched in and bought my dad a GPS for his father's day/birthday. Too bad he can't find my address on there!

Papa with his grandkids - Dakota, Gavin & Parker

After lunch we walked through Bridge Street and let the kids play in their "mini water park". I guess you could say this is Bridge Street's version of Gardendale's Splash Pad! Parker was a little unsure at first, but then he warmed up to it...with the help of Dakota and Gavin!
Parker Enjoying The Water!

Dakota Teaching Parker What To Do!

Dakota and Gavin

Saturday afternoon we had to go to Athens to pick up Briella, Braxton's sister, and take her to her parents' house. Then we rushed into Birmingham to meet friends for date night - dinner and a movie. We ate at Moe's, which I LOVE!!! And then went to see The Proposal. It was a great movie and I will be buying it when it comes out on DVD!

Sunday we went to church and then over to Brandie and Rodney's for Briella's 15th Birthday party. It is hard to believe she is 15 years old! I don't have any pictures from the day because I was actually in the pool enjoying swimming with Parker and Braxton. It was the first time Braxton had swam in the pool with Parker since last summer. He was so happy to be in that pool and he did not want to have to get out!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! And Melissa, if you are reading this....hope you are doing well and hope Erik is doing well!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Change In Employment

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11

I have quoted this scripture many times as I have grown up. For so many situations, this scripture fits to a T. God is so real and he knows exactly what we need when we need it.

As a little background....I have been working in Huntsville, AL at Huntsville Hospital for the Foundation (the fundraising arm of the hospital) for the last 4 years. I started working for HHF in April of 2005, at the time I was living in Huntsville with my parents. Then after Braxton and I married in March 2006, I began the search for a job in Birmingham. From May '06 to August '06, I worked in Birmingham, but within my 90 days of leaving HHF (89 days to be exact!) I made the big decision to return! And I NEVER regretted my decision!

So for 3 years I have been driving 80 miles ONE WAY to work. That is 160 miles a day! 800 miles a week! I did break this up some by having the opportunity to work from home on some Fridays and by staying with my parents 2 nights a week. And for the last year and 2 months, I have toted Parker all along the way. Burning up I-65!!!
In February of this year, I started a long and rewarding process of interviewing for a job. During this long process many prayers and much fasting took place. I truly wanted God's will in my life. Two weeks ago I was offered (and I accepted) a job as an administrative assistant for ChristWay Church of God (my new "home" church). I will start my job June 22, which means my last week at HHF is this week.
This is a bittersweet opportunity. I will miss my friends and "family" at HHF. I will miss the awesome opportunities of growth I have had. And I will miss the awesome events I had the chance to plan and assist with. But I can honestly say, I will not miss driving! I am going to get the opportunity to be a wife, mother, housekeeper, and best friend to my husband 7 days a week! I feel like I am getting a part of my life back that was missing. Not only am I doing this for Parker and Braxton, I am also doing this for myself.
To my fellow employees at HHF, I will miss you all greatly! I will never work with another group of people who are so talented and devoted to their work as you all have been. I wish the Foundation much success and growth!
God has his perfect plan on his perfect timing. Thank you, Lord!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Parker aka the Musician

Okay, so my dad, my sister, my mom (a little bit) and myself are all musicians. My dad plays piano/keyboard, the trombone and in high school the tuba. In addition he is an awesome singer. My sister played the cello, clarinet and piano growing up, and is an awesome singer as well. My mom, well she sings. And myself, I play alto saxophone and I sing. SO....of course Parker has to have some musical talent in his blood.

Some of his favorite songs include....
  • The Alabama Fight Song
  • I Feel Good
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Song
  • Clean Up, Clean Up
  • If you're happy and you know it
Here are a few pictures of my little musician.

Parker's first experience playing the drums at his Auntie E's house. Thanks Gavin for letting us use your drums and you Disney World Drum Sticks!

Now...lets just hope he keeps the Duckworth family talent and maybe his dad's singing ability won't rub off too much!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hair Cuts & T-Town

"Don't cut those curls!!!!" I can't tell you how many people said that to me this weekend. It was time. Parker has been a year old for over a month, and sticking the old wives' tale concerning cutting a child's hair, I have waited long enough! Plus...I can only imagine this summer in the HOT Alabama weather those precious curls matted to his sweaty forehead! Not so precious.

So, Saturday Braxton and I had hair appointments scheduled. I asked Shelly if she thought she could squeeze in Parker and she said it would be fine. So....goodbye curls? Parker sat in his daddy's lap while mommy took pictures (while having foil all in her hair!). He even got to wear a cute fish drape. He cried a little bit, but after bribery with marshmallows and singing songs from Sound of Music, he made it through.

The first locks gone!

Not a happy camper!!!!

Almost done!!! How handsome...and the curls are still there!

After the hair cuts it was time to drive to Tuscaloosa. It was our annual Reno Family trip to release balloons on campus in memory of Braxton's brother Bryan who passed away in 2003. This was only Parker's 2nd trip down to T-town. His first trip was last May and he was only 2 months old!

Alabama is #1....well really he is saying "I am 1"!

So, I am not wishing my son's life away, but it does mean alot to me to see my son on the University of Alabama campus. It is where Braxton and I met and I guess you could say we fell in love there, but UA has so many memories for both of us. And one day we do hope that Parker will follow in our footsteps and carry on the family tradition of Crimson and White!

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Long Weekend

This was definitely a LONG weekend! Friday night we stayed at home and had a pretty quite evening....BLTs make an easy dinner. I even had a little bit of time to clean out Parker's closet. Thanks Braxton for watching Parker!

Saturday was an early morning...Parker woke up at 7am. I cooked breakfast and things went downhill from there! Parker would not eat and would not drink anything. He would not even get down and play. If you needed him to go into another room, you had to carry him. He would not walk! All he wanted to do was lay on you and take cat naps. We had to run an errand in Trussville so we got ready and to run errands. We stopped to have lunch at Chick-fil-A. Now...Saturday is a very busy place at Chick-fil-A especially at Noon. Parker was crying so much that we had to leave the restaurant!!!! When we got him in the truck and buckled in the car seat, he stopped crying! We were successful at Wal-mart then it was time to go home. It only got worse at home. Parker's fever was 102.7 and even after a nap and medicine it stayed at 102.7. Time to go to Children's South after hours clinic. We were there from 6:30pm until 10:30pm. After having blood drawn, an attempt to get a urine sample and a chest x-ray, the doctor couldn't find anything. But his fever decreased and was back to normal. We truly believe that God touched Parker. We had lots of praying family members. Parker did not want to sleep once we got home...he was feeling better of course. He did not go to sleep until 1:15am!

Sunday morning was an early morning in preparation for a long day. We went to church then to eat with Braxton's family after church. Tiffany and Brent offered to keep Parker for the afternoon. Braxton and I had a meeting at church from 3-5 and then we had our first session of Fireproof Your Marriage. We didn't get home until 8:30 last night. Once again Parker was not interested sleeping. Around 9:00pm he finally went to sleep.

Now I am ready for this week to be over so I can hopefully enjoy next weekend! Have a great week!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Parker's 1 Year Pictures

I must share and brag a little bit. Parker is pretty darn cute! These photos were taken by Adria Gooch Photography. For more information, you can check out her blog or she is on my list of "Blogging Friends".

He loved this basket! I love the green pants!

We will call this is STARE!

He will stay in a chest if you bribe him with marshmallows!

One day those eyes will get him whatever he least from me!

The Reno Family

Thursday, April 16, 2009

You'll Never Thirst Again

In our His Passion musical, Carolyn Perkins - who has an amazing voice, ministered with the song below.

You'll never find her story in a fairy tale
'Cause she wasn't like, the other women at the well
Her life was full of pain, hurt, rejection
Her loneliness she didn't want to show
But Jesus saw the desert in her soul

Drink from this water
Drink from this water
And you will never,
You'll never thirst again
Drink from this water
Drink from this water
You will never, you'll never thirst again

We all search for something
To fill us up inside
But it's only an illusion
You know a True Love's hard to find
But I'm here to tell you there's one place
Your thirst is quenched for ever more
You will never leave empty disappointed
You will find what you are looking for

Drink from this water
Drink from this water
And you will never,
You'll never thirst again
Drink from this water
Drink from this water
You will never, you'll never thirst again

And oh Jesus will meet you
At the place of every need
And only He can make the wounded whole
And make the blind man see

What part of the song speaks the most? "Jesus will meet you at the place of every need"! What is so awesome about God is He knows what each of us is in need of....each and every one!!! Just the same, Jesus died on the cross for EVERY sin. I don't know what sin is in your life, and you don't know what I am facing, but Jesus died on a cross so that we could be forgiven! But then to top it all...HE rose from the grave so that we could have ETERNAL LIFE with Him in Heaven! Thank you Carolyn for allowing God to use you!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend


Friday night was the performance of His Passion. The performance was an awesome time of worship. Christway had over 1,000 in attendance. If you missed it, sorry! Don't forget to catch us next year!
Saturday morning, Braxton went to the men's fellowship breakfast at church and Parker and I stayed in the bed and watched cartoons. Then we had breakfast together and got ready for the Easter egg hunt at church. IT WAS COLD and WINDY!!! We had practiced last week putting small items in his basket. I was impressed by how well he did!

Parker dropping in his egg - he got 12 in all!

All afternoon he held on to 2 eggs! Even during lunch!

Parker's friend Brayden - thought we might have to do some damage control!

Parker also got 3 Easter baskets. One from my parents, one from Braxton's parents and one from me and Braxton. Spoiled child! We got some practical items....beach equipment including a shovel, sand sifter and beach towel!

One last Easter egg hunt at Nana's and Big Daddy's

And to end the weekend with a bang, this morning (Monday) I woke up at 2:00am sweating. I noticed that our ceiling fan was not on. Then I looked over and Parker's video monitor was not on either. NO POWER!!! I had to drive all the way to Huntsville with wet hair. My husband is staying in a hotel while Parker and I stay with my parents. News around our subdivision is that we probably won't get power until Wednesday or Thursday. And to top it off...I went to the grocery store on Friday! Everything will be ruined! Oh well....Easter can be new beginnings! So that is what it will be, a new beginning!

AND FINALLY...The 2 most handsome men in my life!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Feels Like Redemption

A MUST SEE VIDEO! Watch this amazing human video of Christway's (Gardendale, Alabama) youth drama team performing to "Feels Like Redemption" by Michael English. This is AWESOME! It makes you so proud of all their hard work!

Friday, April 10, 2009

His Passion - Friday @ 7:00pm

I would like to invite all of my blog readers to HIS PASSION tonight. If you live in the Birmingham area we would love to have you join us as we celebrate our risen Lord. Plus, there is a beautiful alto saxophone player that is not too shabby! =) If you need it, childcare will be provided. If you can't make it Friday night, join us Easter Sunday morning as we once again worship together. It will be a condensed version, but still awesome! Sunday morning, the service will be begin at 10:00am.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend. May we all remember why we celebrate this weekend.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ugh - Easter Week

Some of you may have read the title of this entry and thought "how horrible"! But what you don't understand is how BUSY this week is for me and my family. And it has ALWAYS been like this.

For those of you who don't know, my father is a minister of music at a church in Huntsville. And for the last 27 years of my life, I have spent every night of the week leading up to Easter at church. Easter was always a time where the choir/musicians would put on a big Easter production. I have had the opportunity to sing in kid's choirs, carry banners, play alto saxophone, wave palm branches, dress in biblical costumes and sing in 22 Easter productions! Some musicals were more outlandish including live animals and "Jesus" carrying a cross down the center isle. It takes lots of practice and preparation thus why I spend 7 straight days at church!!!

Even though I do not have the opportunity to participate under my father, I still am involved at another church in Gardendale, Alabama (Christway Church of God). Although I have not spent every night at church, this was the schedule

Sunday - Morning Church Service then practice from 2:00 pm until 4:00pm
Monday- OFF
Tuesday - OFF
Wednesday - Practice from 7:00 - 9:00pm
Thursday - Dress Rehearsal from 7:00pm until!
Friday - His Passion Performance @ 7:00pm
Saturday - No performance or practice....but the Easter egg hunt
Sunday - Morning Church Service

And can I just say playing alto saxophone is terrible on my lips! A reed (aka a piece of wood) vibrates to make the sound that comes from the saxophone. This piece wood tears up my lip! I have raw places where the skin pulls off! Braxton can forget about kissing this week!

I promise to have a better attitude by Easter Sunday and by Friday's performance. =)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Changing Tables

My theory is that a blog can also be a "soap box"....especially for this for this mom!

Before I was a mom I never walked into a public restroom just to see if there was a changing table....but now I do! I would assume if someone was physically handicapped, they would hope there was a handicap accessible restroom when the visit a public restroom. Isn't it against the law to not have a handicap restroom? Then I believe it should be against the law to not have a changing table in the public restroom. Let me share my experiences!

Casa Fiesta - Fultondale, Alabama
Last summer we stopped to eat at this restaurant for the first time on our way to the beach for vacation. I had to change Parker's changing table. I actually had to sit on the toilet and hold him in my lap!

Stix - Fultondale, Alabama
Once again, I had to change Parker's diaper. And once again, there was no changing table! UGH! I had to lay Parker in between the two sinks. Pretty much Parker's butt was hanging into the whole where you throw your paper towels away!

Arby's - Gardendale, Alabama
Multiple times we visit this fast-food restaurant. We do not get out of church until late on Wednesday nights and Arby's is one of the few places open after 9:00pm. And there is NO CHANGING TABLE! We usually just take Parker to the car. But a couple of weeks ago, Parker's diaper was BAD! Luckily there was a Chevron station next door where Braxton could throw away his diaper....maybe he should have thrown away the shirt!

O'Charley's - Fultondale, Alabama
Parker was trying to recover from an ear infection and the fact that he was teething. I took only a diaper and wipes into the restroom. Once in the restroom, I realized I was going to need the entire diaper bag to get more clothes! The whole ordeal was MESSY!!!! To make it even harder, the changing table was broken. I had to stand with one leg propped up on my knee to hold up the changing table. took forever to change/clean up Parker and the changing table was in the handicap stall. I felt horrible.

MULTIPLE RESTAURANTS - All over the South East
Even though a woman carries a child for 9 months in their stomach, gives birth to the child and wakes up multiple times during the middle of the night for feedings, they are not the only one that needs to change diapers! The father must share in the duties, but if a public restroom does not have a changing table in the men's is just NOT FAIR! UGH!

So here are the NEW CHANGING TABLE LAWS.....

1. At least 1 changing table must be in the women's restroom.
2. "Family Friendly" restaurants should have at least 1 changing table in the men's restroom, especially it the restaurant has more than one television!
3. Changing tables should not be put inside a restroom stall. Sometimes it takes longer to change a diaper than the normal "bathroom time".
4. Changing tables should be checked at least once a week for repairs....a drooping table does not help changing a dirty diaper!

Washington, I come!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Parker is 1 Today!

It is so hard to believe that Andrew Parker Reno is 1 year old!

Braxton and I were talking about the night I went into the hospital unexpectedly. On Thursday, March 13th I had not felt Parker move in over 24 hours and I was worried. I was so swollen that day that I wore flip flops to work. Remember, I work in a professional office! I called the doctor's office and they asked me to come in at 2 that afternoon. They hooked me up to the monitor and we heard Parker almost immediately and of course he was cruisin' around my belly! Although everything was good, they were a little worried about my blood pressure and decided it was time. Dr. Reidy sent me to the hospital immediately, not even allowing me to go back to my office to close things up! I called Braxton in Birmingham and told him to grab the bags and come to the hospital.

Then on Friday, March 14th at 12:00pm I went in for a scheduled c-section. Parker was born at 12:48pm. He was a big boy, weighing 8lbs and 11oz! He was having breathing difficulties and was taken to Huntsville Hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery for observation. What started as a 2 hours observation, lasted longer!

Parker ended up staying in the NICU for 7 days. It was tough, emotionally and physically. Working for the Huntsville Hospital Foundation I heard of preemies staying in the NICU for 30, 45, or even 60+ days, but for a baby born full term??? That was the hardest part. I did not even get to hold Parker for 24 hours. Braxton and I shed alot of tears and prayed alot of prayers. Yesterday I was looking through Parker's hospital items and I saw his prayer cloth that we taped onto his bed.
Parker and his space helmet!

Parker's main health problem was his breathing. Watching his chest rise and fall so rapidly was tough. I would sit by his bed and just wish I could take away the problems. But God was making Braxton and I stronger! I believe that God wanted to show us that He was still in the healing business. Every night when I hold Parker in my arms, I thank God for His beautiful creation! And I repeat the words "He's Been Good"!

Happy Birthday Parker! Mommy and Daddy Love You!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Parker's 1st Birthday Party

What a weekend! It is hard to believe that my little boy turns 1 on Saturday and that he has already had his first birthday party! Time flies! But leading up to his birthday party was a task! Of course Braxton and I had just gotten back from our trip to Asheville. Then on Friday, the musicians and front line singers were asked to perform at Music Explosion in Cleveland, Tennessee. So, we left at 9am and did not return to the church until 9pm. This was the day before I was planning to have 40+ people at my house! Luckily my sister pitched in and stayed Friday night to help with the final preparations.

All in all Parker's birthday was a success. Here is a picture of his cake. Tish Engel, a great friend of mine in Huntsville made his 2 cakes. Remember, he was having a Modern Monkey Birthday Theme. The cake not only looked great, but was absolutely YUMMY!!! Tish, don't forget about next year, the theme...Mickey Mouse! And I can't forget to post a picture of Parker's very own cake.

Unfortunately, I could not convince Parker to take a nap before his party. I think he was too excited to know that Dakota and Gavin were visiting. And there was too much commotion with the balloons as well. We were so fortunate to have mine and Braxton's families at the party. We also had some closes friends who have kids close to Parker's age. And Tish and Jamie Engel (my "cake lady") also came and brought their son Hudson who is good friends with Gavin. It was a HOUSE FULL!
Because of the lack of a nap, we had to rush through some things. After we ate, I started opening presents for Parker. Some people did a great job of sticking with the Monkey theme! He got a couple of shirts that had monkeys, a monkey picture frame and even a monkey piggy bank! Great job, Misty!! But as you can see, Parker was getting a little tired!

Next it was time for cake, and to tell you a funny story. The entire time I was opening presents, I was sitting beside Parker who I left in his highchair. He is a busy body and will not sit still for anything! So I was holding his little birthday cake, getting ready to lite his candle and sing. When I went to sit down in the was not there! Unfortunately we do not have video or pictures of this. But let's just say that the entire house was watching and waiting to see what was going to happen to the cake. I must say, I have lots of balance! The cake stayed in one piece and I simply sat on the floor. Mom, next time don't move the chair!

Parker loved the candle and the flame! Plus his face lit up when everyone sang Happy Birthday to him. It was as if he knew it was all for him!

He didn't do alot with his cake. This was the most he did! He almost looked like he was getting a manicure.

Our happy little 1 year old boy!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Trip in Review

Braxton and I had a WONDERFUL trip to Asheville, North Carolina. We left early on Friday morning and arrived in Asheville early evening. Friday night we went to a movie...but not just any movie. We visited a movie theater called Cinebarre. I have been to other movie theaters where you can order "real food", but never where you actually find your seat in the movie theater and you order your food, and eat in the theater. The waiters/waitresses were quick and didn't block your view at all. The food was really good, a little pricey, but good. It was a cool experience and a great concept! I wish we had one in Birmingham! It can be difficult to get a babysitter on Friday night for 5 hours to include travel time, eating dinner out and going to a movie.

Saturday we spent the day at the Biltmore. I asked Braxton multiple times to build me a house just like it! I don't see it happening! The house was amazing! If you have never been, I do recommend making the trip. After touring the house, we took a behind the scenes tour where we learned more details about the house and the Van der bilt family. I didn't really get any good pictures because it started raining harder, but here is a look at us standing in front.

Sunday we woke up and drove to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Braxton made my day and let me shop for about 5 hours! We found some good deals and Braxton got a few things for himself! We checked in to the hotel and relaxed before we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at The Chop House. And while everyone had snow in Alabama, Pigeon Forge got none! Gatlinburg did get some and we drove up to see a little of it.

It was a great time for Braxton and I. We got along the entire weekend (we usually do! =) ) and had a great time relearning how to communicate with each other with no distractions around us. But we missed Parker and we were ready to get home to see his smiling face! Monday was back to realty and a BUSY week!!!