Saturday, June 6, 2009

Parker aka the Musician

Okay, so my dad, my sister, my mom (a little bit) and myself are all musicians. My dad plays piano/keyboard, the trombone and in high school the tuba. In addition he is an awesome singer. My sister played the cello, clarinet and piano growing up, and is an awesome singer as well. My mom, well she sings. And myself, I play alto saxophone and I sing. SO....of course Parker has to have some musical talent in his blood.

Some of his favorite songs include....
  • The Alabama Fight Song
  • I Feel Good
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Song
  • Clean Up, Clean Up
  • If you're happy and you know it
Here are a few pictures of my little musician.

Parker's first experience playing the drums at his Auntie E's house. Thanks Gavin for letting us use your drums and you Disney World Drum Sticks!

Now...lets just hope he keeps the Duckworth family talent and maybe his dad's singing ability won't rub off too much!


The Reno Family said...

My wife left off that I can play the piano even though it has been years ago.

Elesha Maynard said...

You need to teach him Behold the Lamb :)