Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Vacation Without Parker

It had to happen sometime! Better earlier than later. Braxton is having to attend a government sponsored safety conference at Perdido Beach. I made the decision to tag along for a mini-vacation. Three days at the beach is not a bad time.

We left Parker with my parents on Saturday. As we were driving down the interstate I asked Braxotn if he would turn around and go back to pick up Parker. He told me "no". That evening Braxton and I actually enjoyed a peaceful night of rest. No baby monitor to listen for, nor a night lite to direct our path to Parker's room. It was very restful! And of course so was that Sunday. It is amazing how much later you can wake up when you don't have to get little man fed, dressed and ready for church!

Wednesday will be the last day at the beach, however we won't get to see Parker until Thursday afternoon when I get off work. WOW, 5 days without kissing his sweet cheeks! I do miss him!

Thanks to Nana and Papa for taking care of him while we are away. It means so much to us.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Welcome to the Reno Family Blog! I have decided this will be the easiest way for people (including those who do not use My Space) to keep up with the busy Reno Family.

Why did I decide to start a blog? Well, I am sitting at the beach on vacation and figured I needed something to do. Plus, we have so many friends and family who live out of town and we do not keep up with everyone as we should.

How often will I/we post? Well let's just say not as often as some of you would probably like! Hopefully I can get around to this once a week, or at least after big events with some great pictures.

Keep checking back to see our latest post. Trust me, there is always something going on with the Reno Family! SO....as we sign off for the evening we say GOODBYE, from Braxton, Crystal and Parker Reno!