Monday, March 30, 2009

Changing Tables

My theory is that a blog can also be a "soap box"....especially for this for this mom!

Before I was a mom I never walked into a public restroom just to see if there was a changing table....but now I do! I would assume if someone was physically handicapped, they would hope there was a handicap accessible restroom when the visit a public restroom. Isn't it against the law to not have a handicap restroom? Then I believe it should be against the law to not have a changing table in the public restroom. Let me share my experiences!

Casa Fiesta - Fultondale, Alabama
Last summer we stopped to eat at this restaurant for the first time on our way to the beach for vacation. I had to change Parker's changing table. I actually had to sit on the toilet and hold him in my lap!

Stix - Fultondale, Alabama
Once again, I had to change Parker's diaper. And once again, there was no changing table! UGH! I had to lay Parker in between the two sinks. Pretty much Parker's butt was hanging into the whole where you throw your paper towels away!

Arby's - Gardendale, Alabama
Multiple times we visit this fast-food restaurant. We do not get out of church until late on Wednesday nights and Arby's is one of the few places open after 9:00pm. And there is NO CHANGING TABLE! We usually just take Parker to the car. But a couple of weeks ago, Parker's diaper was BAD! Luckily there was a Chevron station next door where Braxton could throw away his diaper....maybe he should have thrown away the shirt!

O'Charley's - Fultondale, Alabama
Parker was trying to recover from an ear infection and the fact that he was teething. I took only a diaper and wipes into the restroom. Once in the restroom, I realized I was going to need the entire diaper bag to get more clothes! The whole ordeal was MESSY!!!! To make it even harder, the changing table was broken. I had to stand with one leg propped up on my knee to hold up the changing table. took forever to change/clean up Parker and the changing table was in the handicap stall. I felt horrible.

MULTIPLE RESTAURANTS - All over the South East
Even though a woman carries a child for 9 months in their stomach, gives birth to the child and wakes up multiple times during the middle of the night for feedings, they are not the only one that needs to change diapers! The father must share in the duties, but if a public restroom does not have a changing table in the men's is just NOT FAIR! UGH!

So here are the NEW CHANGING TABLE LAWS.....

1. At least 1 changing table must be in the women's restroom.
2. "Family Friendly" restaurants should have at least 1 changing table in the men's restroom, especially it the restaurant has more than one television!
3. Changing tables should not be put inside a restroom stall. Sometimes it takes longer to change a diaper than the normal "bathroom time".
4. Changing tables should be checked at least once a week for repairs....a drooping table does not help changing a dirty diaper!

Washington, I come!


Angela said...

We experienced Casa Fiesta in Fultondale on Sunday. Kason had a terrible diaper so Shaun said he would take him..well it seemed like forever it took but when he came out he said no changing table. Needless to say his blanket went on the floor and it was washed in HOT water after the visit...probably not what i would have done but atleast he tried ;)

Misty said...


Unknown said...

They really need to think about baby's needing their diaper changed!

Anonymous said...

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