Monday, April 27, 2009

A Long Weekend

This was definitely a LONG weekend! Friday night we stayed at home and had a pretty quite evening....BLTs make an easy dinner. I even had a little bit of time to clean out Parker's closet. Thanks Braxton for watching Parker!

Saturday was an early morning...Parker woke up at 7am. I cooked breakfast and things went downhill from there! Parker would not eat and would not drink anything. He would not even get down and play. If you needed him to go into another room, you had to carry him. He would not walk! All he wanted to do was lay on you and take cat naps. We had to run an errand in Trussville so we got ready and to run errands. We stopped to have lunch at Chick-fil-A. Now...Saturday is a very busy place at Chick-fil-A especially at Noon. Parker was crying so much that we had to leave the restaurant!!!! When we got him in the truck and buckled in the car seat, he stopped crying! We were successful at Wal-mart then it was time to go home. It only got worse at home. Parker's fever was 102.7 and even after a nap and medicine it stayed at 102.7. Time to go to Children's South after hours clinic. We were there from 6:30pm until 10:30pm. After having blood drawn, an attempt to get a urine sample and a chest x-ray, the doctor couldn't find anything. But his fever decreased and was back to normal. We truly believe that God touched Parker. We had lots of praying family members. Parker did not want to sleep once we got home...he was feeling better of course. He did not go to sleep until 1:15am!

Sunday morning was an early morning in preparation for a long day. We went to church then to eat with Braxton's family after church. Tiffany and Brent offered to keep Parker for the afternoon. Braxton and I had a meeting at church from 3-5 and then we had our first session of Fireproof Your Marriage. We didn't get home until 8:30 last night. Once again Parker was not interested sleeping. Around 9:00pm he finally went to sleep.

Now I am ready for this week to be over so I can hopefully enjoy next weekend! Have a great week!!!