Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas - Week Long Celebration

I love saying MERRY CHRISTMAS! I can't stand Happy Holidays! I saw one of the best magnets/bumper stickers that said "It is okay for me to say Merry Christmas!" How true is that...anyways on to the week in review.

My office was only open Monday and Tuesday the week of Christmas. Tuesday night we had a nice and dad offered to keep Parker for the evening. Braxton and I had date night and we went and saw 7 Pounds with Will Smith. Great movie!!! Wednesday, Braxton had to work 1/2 day. I got up and cleaned house then ran into Gardendale for those last few details. When I arrived back home, my mom and dad and Dakota had arrived to return Parker. Wednesday night we took it easy. I wrapped the last of the presents and cleaned up a little more.
Christmas day was great. Christmas Eve...not so much. Braxton decided to change Parker's diaper at midnight and Parker decided he did not want to go to bed! Parker and I had to sleep in the quest bed until 3:30am then I put him in his bed. Of course he woke up at 6:45! After he woke up....we opened presents.
Parker got three presents from Mommy and Daddy...Jesus got 3 presents when he was born, and so does Parker! Plus he got a stocking from Santa including a Cars Ball and his first Mickey Mouse.

We went to Chuck and Misty's "old house" for the Reno/Kennedy Christmas lunch. Then Christmas night we hosted the Reno family Christmas at our house. There were TONS of presents. Parker started getting tired, but never gave into wanting to sleep! After everyone left our house, we drove to Huntsville to spend some time with my family.

Friday (the day after Christmas) we hung around Huntsville....returning stuff and just enjoying being off of work. Friday afternoon, Elesha, Dakota and Gavin came to my parents' house for the evening/night because Brant was working at the fire station. Friday night we played games and enjoyed each other's company. We played a new version of Monopoly that uses credit cards instead of paper money. Braxton was not happy....he lost! He went bankrupt first. He really tried to not go to bed mad, but it was hard!

Saturday morning we got up and began getting ready for the Duckworth Christmas. About 6 years ago the Duckworth family started the tradition of Christmas steaks. Instead of the traditional Christmas dinner we have steaks, baked potatoes, salad and other veggies. SO YUMMY!!! After lunch we opened presents. I love watching Gavin and Dakota open presents. This year Gavin and Dakota shared the opportunity of being Santa and handing out the presents. Late Saturday afternoon we drove back to Hayden for the rest of the Christmas holiday.

Sunday night I took down all of the decorations. I guess I am ready for the holidays to be over and to get back to some type of normal living! Whatever that is! I guess it is time for new year's resolutions and the famous four letter word D-I-E-T!!! HA! I hope everyone had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Too Tired for Words!!!!

Christmas Catch Up

Yes, the Braxton Reno family does still exists! Wow what a busy December and Christmas Holiday we had. Hopefully I can sum up everything in a short few paragraphs. And if you are checking in for pictures...well I have failed as a mom and my pictures aren't that great! OH WELL...we will always have next year!

We spent most of the weekend in Huntsville. We watched the SEC Championship Football game with our friends and part of the Duckworth family in Paint Rock Valley, Alabama. After the game we had my mom's side of the family Christmas party in Scottsboro. It was a great time to see my family that I don't have the chance to see as often.

Busy weekend following my birthday!!! It was the Christway Choir's performances of His Promise. Friday and Saturday night were tiring, but it was a great turn out both nights and a great performance.

I was trying really hard to be in the Christmas spirit. I guess this month has just been a strain on me personally. Lots on my mind, lots to do, and just stressful all together! I was almost finished with Christmas shopping...just a little more to do. We took it easy this weekend. Not alot on the calendar which was nice. Friday night, Braxton and I, joined my co-workers and their spouses as the Chop House in Huntsville for our annual Christmas party. It was a WONDERFUL evening. I love my co-workers and their spouses are so much fun as well.

Parker Helping Put up Lights!

The Reno Christmas Tree

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First Thanksgiving, First Big Boy Car Seat, First Crawl!

It was a day of many FIRSTS! Even though it was not exactly Thanksgiving day, it was our first Thanksgiving meal with the Duckworth family.

Last Friday night we went to the Bridgestreet Tree Lighting ceremony. It was so COLD!!!! We buddled up the entire family and headed out for some Holiday fun. After we watched the tree light up, we went inside to Jason's Deli for some warmth!

Last Saturday (November 22) was the Duckworth family Thanksgiving. This was the first time for my dad's family to be together for Thanksgiving in about 8 years. We had a wonderful spread of food. Parker showed off as I knew he would...being as cute as he could possibly be!

Once the extended family left, Braxton and I went to Babys R Us and bought Parker a "big boy" carseat. He is still facing backwards, but it is definetly a big boy seat! It even has armrests for his little arms. While we were shopping Elesha sent a text message saying that Parker was crawling! It was an army crawl using one arm and scooting on his belly. This was the best picture I could get of him trying to crawl!

The 3 Grandchildren - Gavin, Dakota & Parker