Thursday, June 24, 2010

"C Date" Is Scheduled - Wednesday, July 28th

Yes...I am calling it the "C Date"
because it is the date of my C-Section for Miss Paisley's arrival! 

My due date is Friday, July 30th.
And my c-section is scheduled for

Am I bummed?  Well a little!  Why?
2 reasons....
# 1 - My doctor is on vacation and I had to choose another doctor...
#2 -  I was really hoping for the week before...not 2 days before my due date!

All of this scheduling will only be "good" if I do not have any complications
OR if I do not go into labor for the scheduled date. 
Which could happen...especially considering this is baby #2!

I am excited about having a July baby!  With me and my sister,
we never got to have "warm"
birthday celebrations - her birthday is January 1
and mine is December 10. 
Usually our birthdays were planned around holiday events,
Christmas musicals,and tons of Christmas parties. 
At least Paisley can have pool parties...maybe even a lake birthday party! 

This is of course very different than when we had Parker! 
Our due date was April 1st (hahaha! - no joke!).  And for my family, we were
trying to plan it around my sister's pre-planned weekend trip and Easter.
Easter NEVER falls in March but every 100 years or so...
and in 2008 it was in March!  I could not have imagined having Parker on
Easter weekend and my family not being apart of the celebration! 
But...Parker surprised us all because I had to have a "emergency"
(due to preclampsia symptoms) c-section on Friday, March 14th.
Trust me...everyone was happy because it was the preferred weekend!

So what is preference with Miss Paisley?
I want her to be healthy!  No respiratory problems like her big brother. 
No NICU time like her big brother - 7 days!
When I leave the hospital...Miss Paisley needs to be leaving with me!

But...I will be very honest and say, I hope Paisley arrives on Monday, July 19th.
This is my grandmother's birthday - Juanita Duckworth.
What a great day to share!?!?  And maybe if Paisley arrives she will inherit
my grandmother's traits (well some of them...) - especially the one
of being a good cook!!

And what is my prediction?
I predict Thursday, July 15th! 
Parker arrived at 37 weeks and the 15th would be almost 38 weeks.
Just my wishful thinking!

Worst part of the scheduled c-section...I have to take off my toe nail polish!
Bummer!  Don't worry...the first thing I am packing in my hospital
suitcase is a cute fuchsia nail polish!
As soon as I am wheeled out of recovery,
my mom or my sister MUST paint my toe nails!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Behind! What? Me? Never!

How long have you known me??  Two years? A few months?  My whole life?  Well, you can't tell by the consistency of my blogs, but I am OCD about many many things.  I guess my blog is just not one of those these days. 

From baby showers, to a family funeral (we will miss Nanny VERY much!), to a holiday weekend and a stomach bug, all of those have put me in a tissy and I just can't seem to keep up.  Then add to the fact that I am trying to keep up with a 2 year old while being pregnant during an Alabama summer does not help either!

And NO I can not believe that Miss Paisley will arrive in 8 weeks (if not sooner!).  So much to do!  We are still in the transition mode of getting the last few items of Parker's out of the "baby" room and into this big boy room, but we lack one piece of furniture to make the transition.  Paisley's room is close to being ready.  Here is the bedding that my mom and sister gave me for one of my showers.

It looks so ADORABLE in her room.  I am just waiting on the last few pieces - her window valances and the room really will be complete....let me take that back!  I still need to build up some creativity about what to do above her bed.  Since I LOVE her name so much, I may stick with what I did for Parker when he was a baby (not one anymore - he is a "big boy") and paint her letters to match her bedding.  Maybe...

The other thing on my mind is the lack of a vacation!  I so was looking forward to going to the beach this summer, even if I was going to be hot, huge and uncomfortable...I still wanted a little time to relax, but that is not going to happen.  Hopefully Braxton's sister and brother-in-law will have their pool open soon so we can enjoy a few hours of vacation.  But I must remember that vacation will be here in only 147 days!  WOOHOO!!  The Duckworth Family will be taking a week long trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.