Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend


Friday night was the performance of His Passion. The performance was an awesome time of worship. Christway had over 1,000 in attendance. If you missed it, sorry! Don't forget to catch us next year!
Saturday morning, Braxton went to the men's fellowship breakfast at church and Parker and I stayed in the bed and watched cartoons. Then we had breakfast together and got ready for the Easter egg hunt at church. IT WAS COLD and WINDY!!! We had practiced last week putting small items in his basket. I was impressed by how well he did!

Parker dropping in his egg - he got 12 in all!

All afternoon he held on to 2 eggs! Even during lunch!

Parker's friend Brayden - thought we might have to do some damage control!

Parker also got 3 Easter baskets. One from my parents, one from Braxton's parents and one from me and Braxton. Spoiled child! We got some practical items....beach equipment including a shovel, sand sifter and beach towel!

One last Easter egg hunt at Nana's and Big Daddy's

And to end the weekend with a bang, this morning (Monday) I woke up at 2:00am sweating. I noticed that our ceiling fan was not on. Then I looked over and Parker's video monitor was not on either. NO POWER!!! I had to drive all the way to Huntsville with wet hair. My husband is staying in a hotel while Parker and I stay with my parents. News around our subdivision is that we probably won't get power until Wednesday or Thursday. And to top it off...I went to the grocery store on Friday! Everything will be ruined! Oh well....Easter can be new beginnings! So that is what it will be, a new beginning!

AND FINALLY...The 2 most handsome men in my life!



Unknown said...

Love all the Easter pics - they are great! Sounds like Parker scored big with baskets. :-)

Misty said...

You family is simply beautiful. It sounds as if you had a wonderful Easter. Sorry to hear about the power and the groceries!