Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Parker's 1st Birthday Party

What a weekend! It is hard to believe that my little boy turns 1 on Saturday and that he has already had his first birthday party! Time flies! But leading up to his birthday party was a task! Of course Braxton and I had just gotten back from our trip to Asheville. Then on Friday, the musicians and front line singers were asked to perform at Music Explosion in Cleveland, Tennessee. So, we left at 9am and did not return to the church until 9pm. This was the day before I was planning to have 40+ people at my house! Luckily my sister pitched in and stayed Friday night to help with the final preparations.

All in all Parker's birthday was a success. Here is a picture of his cake. Tish Engel, a great friend of mine in Huntsville made his 2 cakes. Remember, he was having a Modern Monkey Birthday Theme. The cake not only looked great, but was absolutely YUMMY!!! Tish, don't forget about next year, the theme...Mickey Mouse! And I can't forget to post a picture of Parker's very own cake.

Unfortunately, I could not convince Parker to take a nap before his party. I think he was too excited to know that Dakota and Gavin were visiting. And there was too much commotion with the balloons as well. We were so fortunate to have mine and Braxton's families at the party. We also had some closes friends who have kids close to Parker's age. And Tish and Jamie Engel (my "cake lady") also came and brought their son Hudson who is good friends with Gavin. It was a HOUSE FULL!
Because of the lack of a nap, we had to rush through some things. After we ate, I started opening presents for Parker. Some people did a great job of sticking with the Monkey theme! He got a couple of shirts that had monkeys, a monkey picture frame and even a monkey piggy bank! Great job, Misty!! But as you can see, Parker was getting a little tired!

Next it was time for cake, and to tell you a funny story. The entire time I was opening presents, I was sitting beside Parker who I left in his highchair. He is a busy body and will not sit still for anything! So I was holding his little birthday cake, getting ready to lite his candle and sing. When I went to sit down in the was not there! Unfortunately we do not have video or pictures of this. But let's just say that the entire house was watching and waiting to see what was going to happen to the cake. I must say, I have lots of balance! The cake stayed in one piece and I simply sat on the floor. Mom, next time don't move the chair!

Parker loved the candle and the flame! Plus his face lit up when everyone sang Happy Birthday to him. It was as if he knew it was all for him!

He didn't do alot with his cake. This was the most he did! He almost looked like he was getting a manicure.

Our happy little 1 year old boy!


Misty said...

Sorry we missed the party. You know how church work goes all too well. Hope Parker enjoys his monkey bank and the money. I can't believe he is already one year old.

Unknown said...

We had a great time at the party and Parker was so cute! His cake and decorations were very cute as well!! So hard to believe he is 1

Amy said...

I can't believe that little man is one! It seems like just yesterday that Mindy and I came to visit him in the hospital. He is absolutely adorable - and I love those little curls!

Happy Birthday Parker! :)

Angela said...

Looks like you got some great pictures from the party...we had a great time...thanks for the invite.