Sunday, February 1, 2009

When Will It Slow Down?

I have had to ask myself this question multiple times in the last few weeks. I need a break. It is not that I need a break from anything in particular, I just want to slow down a bit and soak in the beginning of 2009. Can you believe it is already February 1st! OH MY!!!

So, let's play a little catch up....

Two of the weekends this month, I had work events in Huntsville. So, we have spent some time with my family and friends in Huntsville. Hopefully we can get back to Birmingham on the weekends for time with Braxton's family and our friends from church. The other weekends have been spent at the house kind of being lazy. Parker has the opportunity to enjoy playing with all of his toys and Braxton and I have the opportunity to watch Lost.

That is the truth...Braxton and I are caught up in the Lost craze. We have been renting all of the past seasons of lost and watching them on the weekends. My dad has been kind enough to record the new season so that when we eventually get caught up we will have season 5 to watch. It is good....but addictive!

And I must tell you about my WONDERFUL day I had last Tuesday. On mine and Braxton's one year anniversary, Braxton bought me a 1 hour massage. It has been almost 2 years and I had not yet used it....pregnancy and time had to do alot with that fact! I finally took time off work to pamper me! I worked the first few hours of the morning, then I had a dentist appointment. After my teeth were cleaned....everyone should be proud...I actually went to the gym. I cleaned up and then had a very relaxing 1 hour massage. The massage therapist recommended I come back every 4 to 6 weeks. My checking account does not completely agree, but Braxton and I talked and we think once every 3 months would be more reasonable. I can't wait until APRIL!!! After my massage I went to one of my favorite scrapbooking stores in Huntsville called Once Upon a Scrapbook. I was looking for items so that I could make Dakota's (my 6, almost 7, year old niece) birthday invitations. I saw them in Parents magazine in November and knew I had to make them. Aren't they adorable???? Just think, it only took 4 hours to make 8 invitations! But it was worth it to see her face.

It is a little girl in a sleeping bag!

And the invitation wording is on the body of the little girl!


Misty said...

I can't believe it is already February! Catch up time is nice! We all need a little pamper time! I'm sure Dakota loved her invitations. What will you make for Foster?

Angela said...

I love the invitation it is very crafty...I'm sure she will enjoy. I also love the picture of Parker in your headline. He is getting so big.