Friday, February 13, 2009

Stomach Bug for Parker & Me!

Horrible! That is how I am going to describe the last 48 hours! Wednesday night we went to church as usual. After band/choir practice, I went to the nursery to pick up Parker. He was sitting in the sink covered in vomit. My poor little boy! Not only did it get ALL over him, he also got one of the teachers. SORRY! Instead of going out to eat with our group of friends, we headed home. When we got home Braxton went to lay Parker down in his bed and he threw up again! This would be sheet change #1!
Well, we had to give Parker a bath because it got in his hair when we took his clothes off. So, then I have him sitting on the couch with me and I start to put his pjs on. And he threw up again! From there we decided to put him in the bed with us for the night. And once again he threw up. This would be sheet change #2! And once again!!! Sheet change #3! And if it can't get any worse he then throws up on Braxton while they were sitting in the rocking chair.
All in all, I washed 5 loads of clothes/linens. Mainly because I had to wash everything from sheets, to mattress pad covers to blankets. Not to mention 3 wardrobe changes for Braxton and Parker!
Thursday, I stayed home with Parker. He seemed to be feeling pretty good, but I kept him on mostly liquids. One positive about being at home....I got all of our tax information together. What a blessing in disguise! That little excitement was short lived. As we were feeding Parker his last bottle Thursday night, he threw up again! UGH! I called my mom and she said she would keep Parker on Friday so I could get some things done in the office.
Friday, I drove to Huntsville for work and dropped Parker off at my parent's house. I decided to call the doctor to schedule an appointment because I also feared he had an ear infection. After visiting the doctor he determined no ear infection, but did give me some meds if Parker was to get sick again. Well, he never did....but while at work I started feeling terrible. I left work early and went to my parent's house. I went to bed and thankful my parents watched Parker. It was too terribly long before I got sick! UGH! Other than morning sickness, I have not been sick to my stomach in probably 4 years. So, just in case I get sick again, Parker and I are staying in Huntsville with my parents. What a way to spend Valentine's Day Eve!??!?!?!


Unknown said...

Yuck - I hate that both of you are so sick! Get to feeling better soon!

Amy said...

Stomach viruses are the WORST! And once your baby gets it, it just seems to spreads through the home :( I hope you are all better soon!!

Misty said...

Hope you ALL are feeling better!