Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine Weekend Flop!

Recovering from a sickness is not the way to spend a "romantic weekend". As I posted earlier, Parker and I stayed in Huntsville on Friday night so I could get some help. And just to let you know, Braxton was not just sitting at home doing nothing. He could help take care of Parker because he was helping with a church event. ChristWay showed "Fireproof" Friday night for all of the couples....so he couldn't be at home to help.

Saturday morning I tried to recover, and left my parents' house before lunch so Parker would sleep in the car. I felt horrible trying to drive home! When we got home I noticed on the kitchen table a box of chocolates and a card. No flowers, but that doesn't surprise me! Word of advice for all of the non-married gals.....never tell your boyfriend, fiancee, future husband, etc. that flowers are a waste of money. I made the mistake and I NEVER get flowers! But I did get chocolates. As soon as I walked in the door I put on my pjs and sat in my red chair! Luckily Parker was not that playful either, but Braxton was great helping with him. We spent the entire day in our pjs (seeing a trend from last weekend???), and we watched 13 episodes of LOST! Crazy, I know!

Sunday was our normal routine of church, lunch and naps! Then Sunday evening we took Parker to his Nana's for the evening and so she could keep him on President's Day since the daycare was closed. Although Braxton and I could have gone to dinner and a movie, we opted for a little free time for ourselves. He wanted to play his Playstation and I really wanted to scrapbook. And that is exactly what we did....and I finished a book! YEAH!!!

Now on to another week of work.....but I know that later part of this month is going to be GREAT! I will post later!

HARD TO BELIEVE....Parker will be 1 years old in less than month! AWWWW!!!


Unknown said...

Sometimes a day in our P.J.'s are the best times ever!! Glad you are all feeling better!

Misty said...

Hope you all are feeling better. Just chalk this Valentine's Day up as one you will remember. There will be other special occassions that end up somewhat like this.