Monday, February 23, 2009

Planning Parker's Birthday Party

It is hard to believe that Parker will be a year old next month! I think the things that excites me the most about him turning a year old is that he can face forward in his car seat! No more pulled arm muscles trying to hand him toys or feed a bottle. Have you ever tried 80 miles to work and keep a 11 month old happy the whole way????

So the planning has begun for Parker's birthday party. Well, pretty much the plans are complete. I ordered invitations from a friend at work. TOO CUTE! And I have ordered his birthday shirt and all of the party supplies.

It is a Modern Monkey Theme....



Plus a I ordered him a cute shirt that says "It's This Silly Little Monkey's Birthday"! TOO CUTE!

And to top it all off....I have ordered cakes from my friend in Huntsville, Tish. I am going off of faith about what the cakes will look like, but trust me, it will be great! If you saw my cake from my baby shower in Huntsville, or if you have ever seen her work, you know it will be great. SO excited....we are having a PARTY!


Unknown said...

It is so hard to believe he will be 1 - time goes entirely too fast!! He is such a cutie and I bet his party is going to be so cute! I love the theme!

Angela said...

We receive our invitation in the mail the other day...I'm excited to see everyone. Can't believe he is almost a year old. Lord how time flies.

Misty said...

I can't believe Parker is turning one. My oldest baby is turning 20 - OUCH! - I found your silly little monkey the cutest birthday gift.