Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Really?  Say it ain't so!  I can't believe that my sweet little boy turned 3 YEARS OLD yesterday!!!!

He went from this

to this!

And from this

to this!

It is amazing how fast 3 years will fly by in your life!  I am thankful that God gave this sweet and precious, yet unique and energetic, little boy.  No one will ever fill his shoes!

We celebrate on his birthday with cupcakes at school - homemade by myself (save your applause) and decorated with love.  We were supposed to have soccer practice (yes - can you believe he is playing??) but we got rained out.  Instead we had a birthday dinner with the just the family at Chilli's and he got his own scoop of ice cream.  Our real celebration will come Thursday evening at Froggy's.  He and his closest 15 friends and cousins will jump, run and play until they are worn out.

I love you Andrew Parker Reno!!!