Monday, March 15, 2010

Parker's 2nd Birthday Party

What a birthday filled weekend we have had!  It all started with cupcakes for his class on Friday at school.  Then Saturday was the big party!  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was the chosen theme.  Boy was Parker surprised to see all of the Mickey Mouse goodies!

It all started with a fabulous cake!  (No I didn't make it!)  I would love to claim it, but I can't!  A relative of a fellow church member, Michelle, made the cake.  And it really did taste as good as it looked.  Parker loved the cake!  He went with me to pick up the cake.  When he saw it he wanted to touch it and of course eat it. 

Other decorations included balloons.  My child loves balloons.  I know what you are thinking...every child loves balloons!  But, my child REALLY loves balloons.  There were plenty for his taking.  He especially the Mickey balloon!

We were so blessed to have almost all (minus my sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew) of our immediate family members present.  Not too mention the friends that also joined us for the special party.  Parker got presents galore!  Including a remote control car, a lawn mower that blows bubbles, a Mr. Potato Head, puzzles, cute shirts ("Dirt Is My Favorite Color" and "King of the playground"), Little People barn and animals, kids bowling set, Cars watch and even some necessities like sheets for his new bed, decorative pillows in the shape of a football and baseball and his comforter for his bed.  I haven't ordered it yet, but he is also getting an outdoor play set.  He will LOVE it!

Parker has been practicing his candle blowing skills for over a month now!  I will light a match and sing "Happy Birthday", then he blows it out at the end of the song.  He was SO ready Saturday to show everyone his new skill.  We even sang it twice so he could blow out his candle twice!

The party was a huge success and I crashed as soon as eveyone left.  I was sore from all the cleaning the night before and just plain tired!  Here are few other pictures from the party and the birthday weekend.

I am not a professional photographer and I try not to be obnoxious about how cute Parker is, but these pictures just about proves all of my thoughts about him!  A heartbreaker in the making!!!



Angela said...

I hope Parker had a great 2nd Birthday party...Love the cake. I don't know if I already told you but congrats on the girl!!!!