Thursday, May 6, 2010

Relaxation, Productive & Blessings

How do I get so far behind on my blog posting??  Unreal!  You might not be able to tell it but I have a case OCD...but so much of it went down the drain when 2 things happened in my life!  1. I got married to someone who was not OCD and 2. I had a child.  I really don't know what is going to happen when child #2 arrives.  Do you think it might go backwards and I will gain back some of my OCD?  I can only hope!
I read many other blogs and love the blogs which have daily themes.  It keeps you in the routine (ummm...remember the OCD) and it gives readers something to look forward to.  Well I don't have that many readers, but I enjoy routines!  Which is why I will call my Thursday posts -

Threebie Thursday

Hopefully on Thursdays I can keep this theme going for awhile - that is if I keep remembering to post on Thursdays!  My plan will be to post about 3 current things going on in my life.  And this week is all about RELAXATION, PRODUCTIVITY, and BLESSINGS!

This weekend I enjoyed a WONDERFUL girl's getaway at the Red Rooster Retreat which is located on Smith Lake.  I am not a huge fan of Smith Lake (sorry peeps!) because I am very partial to Guntersville Lake and the surrounding areas.  Nothing man made about Guntersville Lake - just God's creation!  My family and I have been visiting Guntersville Lake on a REGULAR basis since I was 6 or 7 years old.  So many memories made....but back to Smith Lake and the Red Rooster Retreat. 
This was actually my 3rd visit to this retreat. It is a great opportunity to visit with friends, relax and SCRAPBOOK!  My college roommate, Erica, is also a scrapbooker.  She is actually the one who got me addicted into scrapbooking.  She is gracious to plan this weekend by setting the date, gathering money and just making sure everyone knows what is going on!  (Thanks, Erica!!)  She is from Scottsboro, so all of the people who are on the retreat are from the same area.  Not to worry, I have become very well acquainted with these ladies (especially Erica's mom, aunt and cousin)...and they are like old friends. 
So why is it so relaxing?  Well if you are a woman who has to cook and clean and just tend to someone whether it be a spouse or a child, it gets tiring and sometimes you just want a break to do something you love.  That is what the RRR is about.  They prepare all of your meals and you don't have to lift a finger to clean up the whole weekend!  And the best can stay up ALL night long and scrapbook (or quilt, paint, play cards, read magazines, etc.)!  When I say prepare meals - I mean all of your meals...including yummy desserts!  That is how I spell RELAXATION!
Unfortunately this may be the last time we visit the Red Rooster Retreat....sad, I know!  You see Erica refers to the RRR as the "Fertility House".  The first time we visited in 2007, I was pregnant with Parker.  The second time we visited in 2008, Erica was pregnant with Aly Grace.  And now the third time we visted, I was pregnant with Paisley.  Erica is refusing to go another time because she can't be the one to get pregnant!  We will see who wins this war!!

Sticking with the RRR, it was also a productive trip!  A little over 2 years ago, a friend I used to work with came to me and asked if I was interested in making a scrapbok for her daughter.  She is not the most creative person (at least when it comes to scrapbooking), but her other talents far out-weigh what I am capable of!  I agreed and actually had a WONDERFUL time making her daughter's first book.  A few months ago she emailed me (she lives in Huntsville and I in Hayden) and asked me about making a book for her second daughter.  "Of course I would LOVE to" was my response!  Not only do I enjoy helping people out anyway that I can, but I get to use my creativity and it allows for a lifelong keepsake to be created! 
I began on her daughter's book when I arrived at the RRR on Friday afternoon.  When I left Sunday around lunch time (we left early to dodge the yucky weather) I only had 4 pages left to complete.  THAT WAS SUCH AN ACCOMPLISHMENT!  Sunday night when I finally arrived home, I stayed up and made sure I finished the last 4 pages.  That is what I call a PRODUCTIVE weekend!

I have an older sister...much older!  Actually she is only 7 years older than me, but when you are 7 years old, 14 seems so far away!  (She will probably kill me after that comment!!)  We might not have gotten along when we were younger, but in the last 10 years I see her as one of my closest friends!  We have fun together no matter what we are doing!  One of our favorite things to do is people watch - nothing planned, but if we are out in public we are people watching...and I promise you if you ask us what we are thinking our opinions are pretty much EXACTLY the same!
Elesha has been blessed with 2 beautiful children, Gavin, 5 and Dakota, 8.  I have posted about them previously.  I love those kids so much!!  And before Parker came along, they were first in my heart!  And a few months ago, my sister made the decision to have a tubal reversal.  So she traveled ALL the way to North Carolina to have surgery a little over 9 weeks ago.  After having a reversal, your chance of becoming pregnant is lower, and if you do become pregnant you are at a high risk.
On Saturday, April 24th, my sister called the house and asked "How does January 7th, 2011 sound?"  I asked her where we were going and she replied "To the Hospital!"  Elesha found out she was pregnant!  What a BLESSING!!!  She has since visited the doctor a few times for blood work and her first ultrasound.  Everything to this point looks great!  The doctor and staff in North Carolina where amazed at the news!  She will be closely monitored during this pregnancy because she is a "high risk" pregnancy.  We know that God is in control and we will continue to pray blessings on her and this tiny baby.  I NEVER thought I would be pregnant while my sister was pregnant!


Elesha Maynard said...

You better be glad I was crying by the end. Otherwise you wouldn't e getting away with the old comments :) Love you!

PS you will be happier if you just let go of the least as much as you can. Less disappointment that way lol. Because it definitely will become more difficult to maintain!

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