Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Weekend

Friday evening we stayed with my parents. Saturday morning we got up and had a wonderful pancake breakfast thanks to Nana! Then we got ready and drove to Tennessee just south of Nashville. Braxton has a great uncle and great aunt (Uncle Mike and Aunt Pat) that live in a beautiful area of Tennessee. Other than pictures they had not had the opportunity to meet or see Parker. We ate lunch with them and stayed to watch the Alabama vs. Arkansas State football game. Uncle Mike played for Bear Bryant in the 60s. I actually got to see the letter that Bear Bryant wrote to him telling him that had received a scholarship to play football for the University of Alabama. It was pretty cool!! We had a some great food and wonderful fellowship. Parker fell in love with Aunt Pat. He actually let her rock him to sleep and before long, they were both asleep in the chair together. It was SO SWEET! Thanks Uncle Mike and Aunt Pat!

Sunday was church. We actually had a pretty smooth morning of getting ready for church. No ruffled feathers today! Sunday was Pastor Appreciation. We had a guest speaker from the Alabama Church of God State Office, Stan Holder. I had only heard him speak one time while Braxton and I were completing the MIP program. Wow did he do an amazing job. I think I pretty much cried last 15 minutes of his sermon when he was talking about how God completely healed his son and then we he talked about the mental healing he had experienced after he accidentally shot his brother in the face at the age of 8. If God can heal both of those situations, then there is nothing to big for GOD!!! After the sermon we had a wonderful time in the altar of God's reassurance that He is in control and an opportunity to just worship Him.

After church Parker, Braxton and myself went to eat lunch at Chili's and then to Target to pick up a few birthday presents. I think this was the first time that Parker had ever been down the toy isle. Boy were his eyes opened wide! As we were walking down one isle we saw a SOCK MONKEY stuffed animal. We showed it to Parker and his eyes lit up and a big smile came across his face. When Braxton put it back on the shelf Parker's eyes followed it. Well it was our first experience of being a SUCKER in the toy isle. We bought it. But to watch his face light up, it was worth every penny! I will try and post a picture of Parker with his new friend Socks.

Hope everyone had a GREAT week!


Unknown said...

Love all the Halloween pictures. Parker was so cute as a sock monkey! Glad yall had a good weekend!

P.S. Welcome to the world of "being suckered in".

The Harris' said...

The pic of Parker is sooo cute! Yep, welcome to being 'suckered in'..except when they get Brayden's age manipulate them and say, "I will buy you this when you pick up all your toys for a week!"