Monday, September 29, 2008

Last Weekend of September - First Weekend of Fall

Why must our weekends be so short? It has been a couple of weeks since I posted, so I guess I need to catch up everyone up on the Reno Family!

The Renos have been fighting the fall time cold. Braxton had it first, then Parker, then Crystal, then back to Parker, back to Braxton and again back to me! NO FUN! Fighting the household sickness takes all your energy out and I had none left at the end of the week. Plus the work week was a trying one as well. Thank goodness for the weekend.

Friday night, Parker and I spent the evening with my parents at the camper in Scottsboro. It was great sitting around the campfire and laying on the hammock. Very relaxing! Saturday morning we woke up and went to Gavin's soccer game. He scored 2 goals...great for a 3 year old. He was decked out in his shin guards, blue t-shirt, soccer shorts (past his knees) and of course the famous blue mo hawk! After his game, Parker and I went to a pottery class where they took Parker's hand and foot print and the decorate a plate for Parker. I will post pictures once we get it back!

Saturday night we had friends/family over to watch the Alabama vs. Georgia football game. ROLL TIDE! WOW...what a game. It was unbelievable to watch Alabama play as hard as they did against a number 3 ranked team. Saturday night was a night filled with little sleep. I did not sleep well at all. When I woke up Sunday, I knew I could not make it to church and through the entire service. So...we did something we NEVER do....we called in sick to church. We actually had our own little church service. We watched First Baptist of Gardendale's church our pjs! The rest of the day we spent at home relaxing and just taking it as easy as possible.

That was our weekend in a nutshell. Hopefully next weekend will be a more eventful one! And if time doesn't get away from me I will hopefully post a few pictures. Have a great week!!!


Unknown said...

Hey - so glad you were able to post and catch everyone up on the Reno family. It is never fun to be sick and even worse when you pass it around a couple of times. Hopefully yall were able to get some rest and are feeling much better! The potter class sounds fun. I would love to get something like made for Brayden and Morgan!

Alabama did a great job playing - cannot believe they are ranked #2 now! Looking forward to pictures!

Angela said...

Hope you guys are feeling better...Hope y'all have a great week.