Saturday, September 6, 2008

3 am ER visit & Baby Dedication

WOW! What a weekend. Friday evening Parker and I spent the night with my parents in Huntsville. We were supposed to go to Intergraph's family picnic so that my mom could show off all of her grandkids. Thursday and Friday Parker was not feeling great. As far as I knew it was just a cold with a cough...but Saturday morning things changed. Parker woke up around 3 am coughing and unable to get a good breath. So, mom, dad, myself and Parker took a trip to Huntsville Hospital Pediatric ER. And might I say he was ADORABLE in his XS hospital gown! Unfortunately it was the one time I did not have my camera in the car. Parker was given a shot and a breathing treatment, and diagnosed with croup. After 2 hours of observation we left the hospital at 7 am.

And Sunday was a big day. Parker was dedicated at Christway Sunday morning. We were so blessed to have our entire family there including great-grandparents, grandparents, brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews. I must say that Parker looked cute. He had a beautiful dedication gown (yes a dress!!) on that was white with blue smocking. After church service we had lunch at our house. 20 people and a wonderful spread of food. Jim 'N Nicks does come in handy when you need lots of food. Plus some home cooked goodies including potato salad, peach cobbler and sweet potato casserole. YUMMY!! It was a great time to spend with both families together, however we are so thankful that it is over. And hopefully Parker will be back to himself in a few days.


Unknown said...

Bless his little heart - I hope he is feeling much better. It is so sad when they are sick!

I am glad to hear your lunch went good Sunday - Jim N Nick's sounds really good!

Parker did look very cute in his little outfit!!

Angela said...

Don't you just love those ER Hope he is feeling better. I hated I missed Baby Dedication I was out of town for work. I'm really glad you were able to share such a special time with your family

Elesha Maynard said...

We need to repeat that meal REALLY soon! I don't think I can wait all the way until Thanksgiving for another spread :)