Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1st Birthday - Cupcake Party

Not sure what is going on with me lately, but I feel

Love everything that has to do with making some with my own two hands. 

Lots to blame it on...
1) Having a Little Girl
2) Missing my scrapbooking time
3) Having no money to go buy stuff...
4) Pinterest.com....ugh!  So addictive!!

So when it came time to plan Paisley's 1st birthday party...
the ideas were running wild in my head!

She needed a CUPCAKE PARTY!!!
Cupcakes are all the rage right now. 
I personally have always loved cupcakes, but in the last few years they have picked up steam for the US. 

Here are some highlights from her party....

Birthday Banner
Made using the Cricuit Cutting Machine
(I so need one of these!!!  I borrowed a friend's while at my scrapbooking retreat in July.  Easy!  And Quick!!  Friends and Family - my 30th Birthday is in December and I would LOVE a Cricuit!!!!)

Here is a close up of what each pendant looked like in the banner.

Cupcake Table
Instead of having 1 big birthday cake in 1 flavor,
I chose to make 3 different kinds of cupcakes (see picture below). 
The cupcake table was easy....I wrapped 3 boxes in color coordinating paper and then taped a ribbon around the boxes.  Then I used cake plates to serve the cupcakes.

 All of the cupcakes were homemade!  Yes! 
I made most of them from scratch - cupcake and icing.
3 Different flavors to choose from
1) Chocolate with Nutella Frosting
2) Vanilla with cream cheese frosting
3) Strawberry with strawberry frosting

Treats For The Guests
My intention was to send them home with everyone,
but people dug into them before we even had cupcakes. 
Oh WELL....
Chocolate Covered Oreos
Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks

 BIG CUPCAKE for Paisley!
Paisley's "smash cake" was a large cupcake made with one of the AS SEEN ON TV cupcake pans.  It was easy to use and looked cute for her.  However she wanted NOTHING to do with it!

I bought plastic wear in coordinating colors. 
Used a white napkin and tied a ribbon around them. 
Easy, cheap and cute!
Handmade Invitations
I made the birthday invitations this year. 
They even included a pieced together cupcake.
This was the first one I made, but once I started making them I changed it up just a little bit.
Very pleased!!!!

All thanks to this outfit....
(and little girl!)
I came up with the cupcake idea from this outfit I saw on etsy.com. 
I had to have the outfit for her birthday and the colors were just perfect!
Everything matched PERFECTLY!!!


Frances said...

While cupcakes seem to already be a recurring idea out of the 1st birthday party ideas out there, your personal touch in these items surely brought the party to life! Hoping to see more of these in the near future!