Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Almost 2...really?

It is so very hard to believe that my little "baby" is almost 2 years old! It really does feel like yesterday that I was laying on a surgery table waiting to hear the first sounds of his cry. It truly is amazing how fast he has grown up. I can't say he is the best speaking almost 2 year old, but he knows alot about sports and how to throw a ball!
So in planning his birthday party this year, I wanted to stick with a theme that I knew he would enjoy. We (Braxton and I) threw around the idea of Elmo, Mickey Mouse or maybe Sesame Street. Well, we finally decided on one with the hlep of Parker! MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE!
The boy loves that little mouse and all his friends. He calls Mickey (and Minnie) "Mimee" - he has a tough time with the "ck". But he knows all of the characters from Donald and Daisey to Goofy, Pluto and even Pete on the tv show.

Here are the cute finds for his party...

Balloon for the guest of honor! (The thing is huge!)

Dessert Plates for Mickey cake and ice cream

Instead of hats we have Mickey Ears (I have tried to get Parker to wear his and he refuses!)

And last, but not least! A Pinata for the kids - with lots of candy!

Maybe Parker will remember this one as a memorable day with his closest friends and wonderful family. And just maybe we can have some spring like weather that day just like last year! Parker is getting a big surprise for his birthday...a outdoor swing set and slide! Now it will even be harder to get him to come in from outside.


Amy said...

Can't believe he is almost two!! Seems like just yesterday :) What a cutie!

New Car Deals said...

This shows it is a complete happy family. Thank you,keep it always.