Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Almost 2...really?

It is so very hard to believe that my little "baby" is almost 2 years old! It really does feel like yesterday that I was laying on a surgery table waiting to hear the first sounds of his cry. It truly is amazing how fast he has grown up. I can't say he is the best speaking almost 2 year old, but he knows alot about sports and how to throw a ball!
So in planning his birthday party this year, I wanted to stick with a theme that I knew he would enjoy. We (Braxton and I) threw around the idea of Elmo, Mickey Mouse or maybe Sesame Street. Well, we finally decided on one with the hlep of Parker! MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE!
The boy loves that little mouse and all his friends. He calls Mickey (and Minnie) "Mimee" - he has a tough time with the "ck". But he knows all of the characters from Donald and Daisey to Goofy, Pluto and even Pete on the tv show.

Here are the cute finds for his party...

Balloon for the guest of honor! (The thing is huge!)

Dessert Plates for Mickey cake and ice cream

Instead of hats we have Mickey Ears (I have tried to get Parker to wear his and he refuses!)

And last, but not least! A Pinata for the kids - with lots of candy!

Maybe Parker will remember this one as a memorable day with his closest friends and wonderful family. And just maybe we can have some spring like weather that day just like last year! Parker is getting a big surprise for his birthday...a outdoor swing set and slide! Now it will even be harder to get him to come in from outside.

Monday, February 15, 2010 Alabama!

While all the "northerners" laugh at the southerners, we were enjoying the snow! Yes, it never snows and it especially never snows in Hayden, Alabama! But it did this past Friday. We knew there was a threat, and of course the schools canceled classes. To everyone's disappointment we woke up to nothing! But that didn't last long....around 10:00am the first BIG flakes began to fall. It was a pretty snow.

Even though the church was closed (because the daycare was closed) I still needed to go into work and complete the bulletins. Nanny (Braxton's grandmother) kept Parker for a few hours. We got home around 3:00 and waited for Daddy to arrive so we could play in the snow. Even though we have had a few minor snow storms (hahahaha!), Parker has never really had the chance to play in it. This was his first experience. And boy did he love it!

His first taste of snow! I love this little boy!!!!

Daddy trying to get him to sit on the trashcan lid and ride down the hill. He did not want to do this!! It was my idea!!!

Learning to throw snow balls at Daddy!

All bundled up and having fun!
He kept getting closer and closer and we kept hitting him with snowballs!

On another was Valentine's weekend. I celebrated my 6th Valentine's Day with Braxton. We actually had our first date on Valentine's Day in 2004, when we went and watched "50 First Dates". I love my husband so much and I am so glad that we are spending our lives together...forever!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Reading List...

I promised myself I would be better about blogging...well that hasn't happened! How will I find the time to blog when there are 2 kids to tend to? I must find the time, and I will find the time!
It is hard to believe that January is long gone and we are almost to the 1/2 way point of February. Time flies when you are busy and having fun. I wish I was having more fun than being busy. So what has consumed me the month of January? The answer would be READING! I don't really know why I am on a reading kick. It usually hits me around the summer months when I can sit out side, or hang out at the lake with my family,
or better yet sit on the beach listening to the ocean waves. But no, my reading kick hit during the cold month of January. Since January 1, I have completed 5 books, and my 6th book will be finished by Tuesday evening!

Here is my list...

1. "When Joy Came To Stay" by Karen Kingsbury
2. "Nanny Returns" by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

3. "Left Behind" by Lahaye and Jenkins

4. "Dear John" by Nicholas Sparks

5. "Tribulation Force" by Lahaye and Jenkins
I am going back and reading the Left Behind series because I never finished them up when I graduated college. I read books 1-7, but then stopped. So I am going back and reading them now. And I am enjoying them so much! I have a goal of 20 books in 2010. I have gotten off to a pretty good start!

I am one of those readers that wants every book to become a movie! Even though I am talking about myself, I have to say that I have one of the best imaginations. The imagination can really make the book come alive.