Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First Thanksgiving, First Big Boy Car Seat, First Crawl!

It was a day of many FIRSTS! Even though it was not exactly Thanksgiving day, it was our first Thanksgiving meal with the Duckworth family.

Last Friday night we went to the Bridgestreet Tree Lighting ceremony. It was so COLD!!!! We buddled up the entire family and headed out for some Holiday fun. After we watched the tree light up, we went inside to Jason's Deli for some warmth!

Last Saturday (November 22) was the Duckworth family Thanksgiving. This was the first time for my dad's family to be together for Thanksgiving in about 8 years. We had a wonderful spread of food. Parker showed off as I knew he would...being as cute as he could possibly be!

Once the extended family left, Braxton and I went to Babys R Us and bought Parker a "big boy" carseat. He is still facing backwards, but it is definetly a big boy seat! It even has armrests for his little arms. While we were shopping Elesha sent a text message saying that Parker was crawling! It was an army crawl using one arm and scooting on his belly. This was the best picture I could get of him trying to crawl!

The 3 Grandchildren - Gavin, Dakota & Parker


Unknown said...

So glad yall had a great Thanksgiving. All the pictures are great! I love Parker's army crawl..he is so cute!!

Misty said...

Your baby boy is growing up!

Chad and Jennifer Black said...

Hope you don't mind but, I found your blog off of angela reno's site. you guys look great!