Thursday, June 24, 2010

"C Date" Is Scheduled - Wednesday, July 28th

Yes...I am calling it the "C Date"
because it is the date of my C-Section for Miss Paisley's arrival! 

My due date is Friday, July 30th.
And my c-section is scheduled for

Am I bummed?  Well a little!  Why?
2 reasons....
# 1 - My doctor is on vacation and I had to choose another doctor...
#2 -  I was really hoping for the week before...not 2 days before my due date!

All of this scheduling will only be "good" if I do not have any complications
OR if I do not go into labor for the scheduled date. 
Which could happen...especially considering this is baby #2!

I am excited about having a July baby!  With me and my sister,
we never got to have "warm"
birthday celebrations - her birthday is January 1
and mine is December 10. 
Usually our birthdays were planned around holiday events,
Christmas musicals,and tons of Christmas parties. 
At least Paisley can have pool parties...maybe even a lake birthday party! 

This is of course very different than when we had Parker! 
Our due date was April 1st (hahaha! - no joke!).  And for my family, we were
trying to plan it around my sister's pre-planned weekend trip and Easter.
Easter NEVER falls in March but every 100 years or so...
and in 2008 it was in March!  I could not have imagined having Parker on
Easter weekend and my family not being apart of the celebration! 
But...Parker surprised us all because I had to have a "emergency"
(due to preclampsia symptoms) c-section on Friday, March 14th.
Trust me...everyone was happy because it was the preferred weekend!

So what is preference with Miss Paisley?
I want her to be healthy!  No respiratory problems like her big brother. 
No NICU time like her big brother - 7 days!
When I leave the hospital...Miss Paisley needs to be leaving with me!

But...I will be very honest and say, I hope Paisley arrives on Monday, July 19th.
This is my grandmother's birthday - Juanita Duckworth.
What a great day to share!?!?  And maybe if Paisley arrives she will inherit
my grandmother's traits (well some of them...) - especially the one
of being a good cook!!

And what is my prediction?
I predict Thursday, July 15th! 
Parker arrived at 37 weeks and the 15th would be almost 38 weeks.
Just my wishful thinking!

Worst part of the scheduled c-section...I have to take off my toe nail polish!
Bummer!  Don't worry...the first thing I am packing in my hospital
suitcase is a cute fuchsia nail polish!
As soon as I am wheeled out of recovery,
my mom or my sister MUST paint my toe nails!


Elesha Maynard said...

Okay. I love you and all. But I don't do toes. Mom will do them :) She did mine at the beach for my date night lol.

Unknown said...

Cannot wait for Ms. Paisley to arrive. And I think Parker will make a great big brother!

Angela said...

Well obviously you haven't had Ms. Paisley as hoped for yet but I do wish your family the best. I can't wait to see pictures of her and I'm sure you already have a I'm the BIG Brother shirt for Parker. Much Love!!