Monday, May 4, 2009

Hair Cuts & T-Town

"Don't cut those curls!!!!" I can't tell you how many people said that to me this weekend. It was time. Parker has been a year old for over a month, and sticking the old wives' tale concerning cutting a child's hair, I have waited long enough! Plus...I can only imagine this summer in the HOT Alabama weather those precious curls matted to his sweaty forehead! Not so precious.

So, Saturday Braxton and I had hair appointments scheduled. I asked Shelly if she thought she could squeeze in Parker and she said it would be fine. So....goodbye curls? Parker sat in his daddy's lap while mommy took pictures (while having foil all in her hair!). He even got to wear a cute fish drape. He cried a little bit, but after bribery with marshmallows and singing songs from Sound of Music, he made it through.

The first locks gone!

Not a happy camper!!!!

Almost done!!! How handsome...and the curls are still there!

After the hair cuts it was time to drive to Tuscaloosa. It was our annual Reno Family trip to release balloons on campus in memory of Braxton's brother Bryan who passed away in 2003. This was only Parker's 2nd trip down to T-town. His first trip was last May and he was only 2 months old!

Alabama is #1....well really he is saying "I am 1"!

So, I am not wishing my son's life away, but it does mean alot to me to see my son on the University of Alabama campus. It is where Braxton and I met and I guess you could say we fell in love there, but UA has so many memories for both of us. And one day we do hope that Parker will follow in our footsteps and carry on the family tradition of Crimson and White!